5% To
The Planet

In 2050.

We will live well within the ecological limits of our planet. Prosperity and a healthy environment will be the result of an innovative circular economy, where nothing is wasted, where natural resources are managed sustainably and biodiversity is protected, valued and restored so as to strengthen the resilience of our society.

“We image a better world and we want contribute to create it . We produce at our best but we know it’s not enough! From the moment a company is active it will inevitably generate an environmental impact. It’s for this reason that as a team our main interest is to donate part of the proceeds to compensate our impact on the territory.”

— Emanuela, Founder

Much more than just a brand, that's how we like to define ourselves.

Here is the association we work with. Our direct contribution supports the “LET’S TAKE ACTION FOR THE BEAR” project to preserve the brown bear. Support us in achieving an ambitious goal through actions such as pruning 150 fruit trees in abandoned orchards in order to increase food sources for bears in mountainous areas.

About 2.5 species per month in 2020 have been declared extinct. Let's take action together!

Timeless Knitwear to Make a Change

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