Timeless Knitwear
to Make a Change

Nowdays, we lost contact with the journey things took before we bought them. And that’s why we take a few steps back to better understand. We’re brother and sister grew up in a wild land in the Italian central Appenines who founded a small sustainable knitwear company in 2019.

More Than Just a Brand

We are a network of young people with different backgrounds who want to generate change in the textile industry by integrating all stages of the supply chain, from design to post-consumer life, to keep the value of a product over time and make sure garments do not end their life burnt or in a landfill.

For our debut collections, we have chosen to use ancient Italian material in a modern way. We make jumpers with wool sourced from the Gran Sasso National Park in the core of Italy. Traceability and the quality of our fabric are important to us.

Since no aspect is too small when it comes to sustainability, we used natural pigments such as Isatis tinctoria and Smoke tree to dye our garments and make them good for the environment and for people. Nine billion kilograms of chemicals are used by fashion every year to complete their products. Eight percent of skin diseases are caused by substances used in dyeing processes.