In 2050.

We will live well within the ecological limits of our planet. Prosperity and a healthy environment will be the result of an innovative circular economy, where nothing is wasted, where natural resources are managed sustainably and biodiversity is protected, valued and restored so as to strengthen the resilience of our society.

That’s why we founded WUULS. Wuuls strives for creating timeless, playful and responsible products that are designed applying the principles of the circular economy and reducing environmental footprint. All stages of the supply chain, from design to post consumer life, are integrated to keep value of product over the time and make sure garments do not end their life burnt or in landfill.

We produce at our best but we know it’s not enough! From the moment a company is active it will inevitably generate an environmental impact, it’s for this reason that as a team we donate part of the proceeds to compensate our impact on the territory. We image a better world and we want contribute to create it