About Manufactory Processes

Today, the fashion industry is a sector that has revenues of around 1.3 trillion dollars a year worldwide while being responsible for social and environmental problems. The major social problems related to this industry are gender, poverty, and security. One in six people in the world is closely connected to the textile industry and 80% of the forced labor in its supply chain is carried out by women. Other relevant aspects concern the environment , it’s actually defined as the second most polluting company in the world.

Now you can imagine how the clothes we wear every day have an impact on the world and the people around us, it’s a sad reality and as a
team we don’t want to be part of it.


It is for this reason that we are committed to managing our supply chain independently and entirely in Italy so as to work transparently with suppliers we admire. We try to communicate the entire supply chain to consumers to make them more aware. Our entire supply chain is located in Central Italy. In the province of Umbertide we manufacture our garments in a family-run manufacturing company using a new seamless technology that, in terms of productivity and eco-efficiency, reduces production times and represents an additional way to reduce costs and waste, making the garment better for the environment. Furthermore, about two thousand different types of chemicals are used in Textile Industry such as lead and mercury.

These highly toxic substances cause harm to workers, consumers, and the environment. Chemicals having a direct impact on human health are used in the finishing and dyeing of the clothes we wear. The Italian Textile and Health Association reports that 8% of skin diseases are caused by substances used in dyeing processes. Precisely for this relevant data we have decided to use only vegetable dyes to treat our garments, enabling us to make hypoallergenic clothes and having low environmental impact thanks to the collaboration with Tintoria Ferrini, a leading company in the sector based in the province of Perugia. Finally, the labeling/packaging of our products is carried out in the Marche region by the company Dienpi Srl, leader in sustainability in Italy.

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