About Materials

Fashion industry produce 90 million tons of waste every year, only 15% of its is recycled, the remaining 85% is trashed in landfills, where the rot spends from 40 to 200 years, depending on their composition. Natural fabrics like wool or cotton usually take 5 months to decompose, whereas synthetic ones like polyester need 200 years.

"We choose wool because is an all-natural, renewable and planet-friendly fibre"

Wool is biodegradable : it grows naturally on sheep and is made of a protein called keratin – the same protein of human hair. Exposed to moisture for prolonged periods, for example in soil or compost, wool fibres readily decompose. Products that are biodegradable are part of a natural cycle : they come from nature and go back to nature, enriching the soil and nourishing new life. Because it naturally degrades in little time, wool is the obvious choice for anyone that wants to save our planet. www.iwto.org/biodegradeability.

Wool products have a long life span and could be used or worn longer than other textile fibre products . In addition wool is one of the most recycled fibres. With a market share of 1,3% of all textile fibres, wool claims 5% within the recycled fibres market share identifying wool as a suitable fibre for recycling.

Timeless Knitwear to Make a Change

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