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WUULS was born with a mission: create timeless and playful products, made with care. Looking out for the environment and the people who work with us. To understand better what’s the journey things took before we bought them, we take a few steps back to better understand.

Find out more about the Design and History
of our Jumpers.

Designed to last.

We strive for creating timeless and playful wool jumpers, made with care. We like to think that these can be handed down from generation to generation. Our motto? NO SYNTHETIC FIBRES as to make garments easily recyclable in the post-consumer life

With Organic Materials

One year ago, when everything began, the main idea was to create good products in a market full of bad practises and influence positive change in fashion industry. What’s better than raw materials ? That’s the reason why we choose Wool, it’s an all-natural, renewable fibre, planet-friendly for several reasons

Made Transparently

Looking out for the environment and the people who work with us is our first mission. We are proud to collaborate with Italian companies for the realization of our garments and vegetable dyeing. We use innovative technologies in production to reduce waste and we dye with a genuine , slow dyeing procedure thanks to the precious help of Tintoria Ferrini. However, We believe that no matter how good new technology is, there will always be a restriction. The companies we work with achieve products with no element overlooked, by putting their hearts as well as their hands to work.

To Mitigate The
Environmental Impact

We produce at our best but we know it’s not enough! From the moment a company is active it will inevitably generate an environmental impact. It’s for this reason that as a team our main interest is to donate part of the proceeds to compensate our impact on the territory. We donate 5% to “Save the bear” association to mitigate our environmental impact.

Timeless Knitwear to Make a Change

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